Meadowbank School School elections

2019 Common Election results

For 6 parent representatives

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Successful representatives
Alisha Chapman
Johannah Dods
Duncan Elley
Vicki Eriksen
Charles Lincoln Stokes
Jessica Wight

We therefore declare the following duly elected:

Mrs Alisha Chapman, Ms Johannah Dods, Mr Duncan Elley, Mrs Vicki Eriksen, Mr Charles Lincoln Stokes and Mrs Jessica Wight.

Hamish Bunn
Ray Connor
James Ryan
Hannah Ryder
Seth Sirestarajah
Tony Kara Walden
Olivia Wang
Adrienne Ware
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Meet your representatives

Alisha Chapman

My name is Alisha Chapman and I am standing for the Meadowbank School Board of Trustees. My husband James and I are parents to Ella (Year 3) and Thomas (Year 1).

I have been actively involved in the Meadowbank School community since Ella started in 2016, from regularly helping in the classroom to organising the ice block roster - I will be familiar to some of you from manning the junior ice block stand most Fridays!

Prior to having children, I worked as a commercial lawyer. I now work for ANZ Bank where I have held governance and compliance roles for the past seven years and currently lead a small team focused on conduct and compliance. Through my work, I have regular interactions with boards and governance committees and have developed a strong understanding of the features of good governance and the importance of strong collaboration and communication.

Attending the recent NZSTA session gave me a valuable insight into how my experiences and skills would translate well to the unique role of school boards and their responsibilities to the community.

I see Meadowbank as a great school where both management and the current board have worked hard to provide a range of high quality educational opportunities. If elected, I look forward to combining my professional skills and engagement with the community, in a balanced and considered manner, to help ensure that the new board maintains and enhances this environment for Meadowbank students.

Johannah Dods

Hi, my name is Johannah. My husband, Fergus, and I have three children at the school, Saffron Lee (Year 6), Esther Lee (Year 4) and Genevieve Lee (Year 1). I have always been actively involved in the school and, now that Genevieve has started school, I would welcome the opportunity to increase my support of our school as it continues along its path to providing the best possible environment for our children to grow and learn.

I previously worked in Investments for the New Zealand Super Fund, but most of my work experience has been as a business and economic consultant. In this capacity, I have considerable experience supporting organisations in their endeavors to keep abreast of a changing environment, and to stay on their best path through this. I have a Masters in Business Administration from Oxford University, a Masters in Economics from Canterbury University and I hail from Gisborne.

Duncan Elley

My name is Duncan Elley. I am married to Emma and am the proud dad of Celia (Year 7), George (Year 5) and Reuben (Year 3). As a family, we all love Meadowbank School and the wider Meadowbank community. Having a daughter who has just finished at the school and two boys still going through it, I have had the pleasure of seeing all that Meadowbank School has to offer our kids and have a good appreciation of the workings of the school across both the junior and senior schools. I will continue to be involved in the school for the next full term of the Board as Reuben will be at Meadowbank until 2022.

I originally qualified in law and economics but have been involved in property and finance for the last 15 years with experience at banks, hedge funds and for the last 5 years, a private property development company. In my role, I actively manage people, budgets and stakeholder relationships with central and local government, investors, construction companies, iwi, external consultants and community groups. I am currently working with the Ministry of Education to build a new primary school within one of our developments. I enjoy collaboration, planning and problem solving and believe that my skills, background and commercial and property experience will provide a positive contribution to the Meadowbank Board.

Meadowbank is a fantastic school with dedicated teachers and an engaged community. The school has an exciting few years ahead with new building projects to cater for a growing roll and new educational initiatives. I am standing for election to support the new principal and management team in providing a learning environment filled with academic, cultural and sporting opportunities for all pupils of the school. I would welcome the opportunity to be a parent representative on the Board of Trustees.

Vicki Eriksen

Hi, I’m Vicki Eriksen. Originally from South Africa, I have lived in New Zealand for 19 years. Married to a Kiwi, Simon, we have three children. Mia (YR 6) Oscar (YR 4) and Axel, 4. He will be starting at Meadowbank School next year. We have been part of the Meadowbank Community for 9 years now and I am so proud to call this our home.

My career over the last 20 years’ has been in Human Resources, Cultural Diversity Integration & People Development. I am a commercially minded consultant spanning a wide variety of industries. My passion is the facilitation of transparent transformation, establishing high performance teams and helping develop people and capability through periods of significant change.

My motivation in applying for a Board position is the wish to give back to a school that has already provided so much for our children. I am passionate about our environment and this year I have been volunteering at our amazing Garden to Table programme. The positive impact this is has on our children is just fantastic to be a part of. I also feel I would bring a different perspective because I have children at all stages of the school and they have already benefitted from the high quality of programmes and opportunities on offer.

Having attended a board meeting and talked with current Board members I have gained a valuable insight around what is involved in being part of the governance team. I place great value on the teachers we have particularly given the current teacher shortages in Auckland. I would consider it a privilege to be involved in the Board of Trustees at Meadowbank School and what with six new members required and a new Principal, I would love to provide energy and a fresh perspective to the task ensuring we continue to deliver an exceptional educational experience.

Charles Lincoln Stokes

I am married to Philippa and have two sons, Louis (Y3) and Fergus (Y1) currently at Meadowbank School and a daughter, Florence (age 3) that will attend in due course. I am currently residing on the schools Board of Trustees having been co-opted (since Term 3 last year) to provide continuity for the property portfolio. The school has a significant build programme in place, particularly focused on the senior side, with the new administration and classroom block, along with upgrades to existing buildings (Theo Lynds and John Boyens) that will follow closely behind and continue through to 2021. I would like your support to continue the work I have been doing to support the school on the property portfolio. I am a registered, chartered professional engineer with 20 years in the construction sector both in consultancy and construction, and am well versed in contract procurement. My tertiary qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Business. Through my working career I have lead projects and been on the senior leadership teams for complex, large projects. This experience has provided me with strong governance, commercial, health and safety and compliance skills that I will be able to use should I be elected onto the school board. Meadowbank has a strong community spirit that is culturally diverse. It is important that the school is responsive to and supports the needs and wishes of the community for which it serves. We are fortunate to have a wealth of wonderful teachers that work very hard and deserve all the support they can get from the board. It is my intention to ensure that Meadowbank School continues to build upon the strong foundation that exists and become the best possible school that nurtures well educated, respectful and resilient kids.

Jessica Wight

My name is Jessica Wight and I am standing for the Board of Trustees for Meadowbank School. I have 2 children in the school, Oliver in Year 3 and Madison in Year 1. I also have a 2 year old who can’t wait to start.

I am originally from Vancouver, Canada and met my husband Gavin whilst living in Sydney. We have since had a few years in Singapore and 4 years ago we settled in New Zealand. We felt extremely lucky to land in such a welcoming community anchored by a thriving school. I believe the school has a really strong foundation and an exciting future as it grows and adapts to the community it serves.

My background is as a Paediatric Registered Nurse, having worked primarily in Emergency Departments and Paediatric Intensive Care Units. I became active member of ICU staff, taking part in policy development, education and in-charge roles. Whilst in Singapore I started a business as a Red Cross first aid instructor, teaching CPR and first aid to families and carers. Working in critical care has given me a skillset that relies heavily on teamwork, communication and organisation and I would bring these attributes to the board. I am passionate about children’s health and the wellbeing of families.

Outside of my professional background I have been on the committee of a local toy library for the last 3 years. I have been active at the school as a Class Coordinator, and regular sausage sizzle and ice block volunteer.

As you will know the Board of Trustees will consist entirely of newly elected members. The exiting board has done an excellent job setting the current vision for the school and there is a lot to be proud of in the facilities and educational opportunities that Meadowbank School offers. There will be a steep learning curve for the newly elected board. If elected as a parent representative I would make use of the support the NZSTA offers in training new members, as well as work cohesively with the rest of the Board and the Senior Management team to quickly establish effective and supportive working relationships. Meadowbank School is blessed with a supportive community, talented and dedicated teachers, and strong school values. The governance role of the Board will be about maintaining all that is great and recognising opportunities to make it even better.